Australia: Prampi assassination plot approved

Australie : Le plan d’abattage des brumbies adopté

A plan to reduce the number of wild horses in South Wales has been approved. Kosciuszko National Park will see an increase in the number of brambles from 14,000 to 3,000.

Sad news for wild horses in Australia. John Periloro, the former deputy prime minister, made the announcement on Wednesday, November 24th The Guardian Contact.
In the discussion Since October, South Wales government finally approves cane reduction plan. In 2018, John Barilaro vetoed the assassination. But for the past three years, environmental groups have been pushing for a drastic reduction in a portion of Brumbie’s population. They won their case.

Serious assassination plan

Is the Prompees Number 14,000 In National Park Kosciusko. By June 2027 their population will be reduced to 3,000 horses. The methods used are ground firing and gathering from the air.
The initial plan was to have it shot down by aerial fire, but this solution was abandoned.
The government will lose the community license to remove wild horses from the park.If carried out in accordance with best practice, aerial views can have the least negative impact on animal welfare in all legal regulatory systems. 5, the former Deputy Prime Minister explains.

The remaining 3,000 prisms are concentrated in 32% of Kosciuszko National Park.

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