The science of having “hard work” during epidemics

The science of having “hard work” during epidemics

Paula Silva is a professor at the University of Porto, where he teaches the science communication curriculum.

According to the professor, the epidemic affected the work of science “to a great extent” because “it is necessary to pursue science at a critical time and to try to provide quick answers to what is requested”, but “it is necessary. Face the false news, so that people do not panic.”

The cycle of conferences “5X Sciences at 5” is organized by the experimental science department of the Morgado de Mateus School Grouping (Vila Real), and according to Luisa Sousa, the initiative “came from the need for training. We wanted training that would meet our needs and interests.

Five lectures set the tone for the program, “5X Ciência à 5,” on Wednesday at 5 p.m.

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