Neutrasa paves the way for digital transformation | Companies | Business

Neutrasa paves the way for digital transformation |  Companies |  Business

While the epidemic has accelerated the digital transformation of many companies in Colombia, the truth is that companies like Gropo Nutresa, For five years, they worked on a transformational model that covered an important area: capacity development.

(Portfolio Awards 2021: Winners and Special Recognitions).

That is why the company was awarded the first Digital Transformation Portfolio Award. It has 19 brands and reports annual sales of over US $ 50 million.

The team defined that digital evolution begins with the human transformation of every employee, These include changing mental models, working methods, developing skills and hiring specialists who specialize in digital matters.

To guide this process, Grubo Nutresa formed a working group headed by the head of Digital Transformation, who is part of the company’s top management. Likewise, this position is led by a team that specializes in strategy and digital experience, guiding processes, adding experts in analytics, digital media, and ways to explore and apply new technologies. All of these human skills allow us to combine the current needs of consumers and customers with the opportunities offered by new work methods.

(This is an honorary list for the 2021 Portfolio Awards).

In addition, the company focuses on improving organizational processes digitally from purchasing raw materials to interacting with consumers.

New developments

In this way of exploring new complementary models, depending on the type of product or other service, Grupo Nutresa developed a sales point measurement program with artificial intelligence (AI) – evolution in process support processes; It includes digital buyer activation services at the point of sale and adopts the model of listening to media and social networks.

Likewise, it has developed its own and outsourced home delivery line, with the highest standards of service, security and technology. He implemented dynamic routing tools to improve the fleet and make the delivery process more efficient.

Similarly, it includes e-commerce service through logistics partners to guarantee customer experience and fulfillment of service promise.

In addition to accepting all data and analysis.

Milestones marking sales

In order to connect with consumers and customers, Gropo Nutresa created its own digital platforms in 2020, which allowed it to acquire knowledge and streamline operations: Optimal processing of shelters capacity, analysis and digital sales point to improve business results.

(‘A renaissance on the shoulders of companies’).

Today 30 different brand platforms, 662 digital assets and even digital brands have been developed, which brings this kind of consumer closer to the ViBowls thing as well.

Finally, the development of a procurement plan that facilitates collaboration between Suppliers, negotiators and users, With the economic benefits of having a digital business-type platform that allows sales and management transactions to take place.


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