Dormann canceled the call from London, and it reacts

Dormann canceled the call from London, and it reacts

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Gérald Darmanin canceled Great Britain’s invitation to a meeting in Galilee on Sunday following the sinking of an immigrant boat that killed 27 people in the English Channel on Wednesday. London continued to respond, calling on Paris to re-establish the call for a British Home Secretary.

The Interior Ministry said Friday that Sunday’s meeting in Calais, which is dedicated to the immigration crisis, was “maintained” but “without the British”. “The issue is beyond our borders. That is why we are going to work with our European partners on common solutions from Sunday,” we added in the entourage of Interior Minister Gerald Dorman, who canceled Britain’s invitation to the meeting. It was organized following the sinking of a migrant boat that killed 27 people Wednesday in the English Channel.

“The British government chooses domestic politics at a time when avoiding further tragedies on the channel should be our only priority. We are sorry,” Gerald Thorman’s entourage continued. Home Ministry argues “British fury in deportation of immigrants to France Let’s not forget the fact that these men and these women are trying to overcome this danger just because they have virtually no legal way to reach the United Kingdom.

London reacts

On Thursday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on France to withdraw illegal immigrants who were able to reach the shores of Great Britain, much to Paris’ annoyance. “The UK must have good faith in working on the underlying causes of this event. It cannot have an economic model based on large migrant workers and cannot impose a door on those who do so. Ask him for asylum.

We need to be consistent, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

London responded Friday morning by asking Paris to reconsider its call for a British Home Secretary. “No country can tackle this alone. I hope the French will reconsider (their decision),” Transport Minister Grant Shops told the BBC.

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