Buckingham is looking for an assistant to respond to the Queen’s letters

Buckingham is looking for an assistant to respond to the Queen's letters
By Judith Sousenox | 11/26/2021 at 3:35 pm | Updated on 11/26/2021 at 15:41

The Queen receives up to 300 letters a day and does not have time to respond to each letter herself, which is why Buckingham is looking for an assistant to write her daily writings.

His Majesty, who has been the head of the British monarchy for nearly 70 years, receives an impressive number of letters every day. Each year, more than 60,000 sealed envelopes are found on his desk, waiting for the Sovereign’s answer. Close to her people, Elizabeth II is known for sending personal notes to the British celebrating their 100th birthday.

But today, the 95-year-old queen, who has recently experienced some minor health issues, realizes she can no longer handle so many mails and is looking for a letter assistant to help her draw her letters. The latter will become a member “Correspondence Section” Her challenge is to ensure that every letter sent to the Queen receives a response with immediate and correct words.

A job offer has been posted on the Royal Household website

Although completely exceptional, this record was published as if posting any work on the website of the Royal Household, an organization that manages employees affiliated with the royal family. In job description, successful candidate management experience and ” The best Communication skills written to better respond to the diverse and frequent personal requests of visitors and general messages of good wishes.

The future writing assistant will have the opportunity to work within a team “Those who share a goal and those who engage with the public while supporting the role of the Queen.” ” This post looks absolutely and very special to anyone affiliated with the Royal House. Based in Buckingham Palace, the prospective teacher will work full-time from Monday to Friday and will be paid £ 23,500 a year.

But if writing is not really your first asset, be aware that the Royal Household Help Desk is also looking for an assistant restaurant manager for staff and a guard for Holyroodhouse Palace.

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