Uber use is banned in Brussels

Uber use is banned in Brussels

The court ruling forces Uber to leave Brussels on Friday.

Starting this Friday, November 26, drivers with LVC (Rental Car with Driver) licenses and drivers using the Uber utility to carry people will be required to stop their operations in Brussels. The U.S. agency points out that the discrepancy was caused by a Brussels Court of Appeal ruling handed down on Wednesday.

The Brussels Court of Appeals ruled in 2015 that the injunction against UberPop (author’s note: an individual’s car transport service) also applies to motion services provided by professional drivers LVC.Uber said in a statement.

2,000 drivers have been affected

The stop will take effect this Friday, November 26 from 6 p.m. “From that moment on, 2,000 Brussels drivers with LVC licenses will lose their sources of income and hundreds of thousands of passengers will not be able to access these safe and affordable transportation options.Uber said.

Laurent Slitz, director of Uber Belgium, believes the move should not be: “The move comes on the heels of outdated regulations written in the past for smartphones, which the government has promised to reform over the past seven years, failing a year. […] We urge the Brussels government to act swiftly to reform the taxi and LVC sector once and for all so that drivers can continue to work and provide for their families. “

GTL-TAXI, the national consortium of driver-driven taxi and rental car companies, commented on the situation that Uber should always be operated with licensed taxi drivers. The panel further said that the sector is facing a shortage of drivers after the health crisis and Uber is ready to hire drivers with employment contract and life pay in the short term.

Malignant reactions

Drivers rushed in for their part. Newspaper Data News Hundreds of them reportedly drove their car into the Brussels ring road, disrupting traffic. “Mr. Tomorrow and finally, we will block all of Brussels until Verworth and his team (sic) finally decide on a solution for LVC drivers.», Fernando Redonto, President of the Belgian Limousine Drivers Association announces

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. David Weightsman, Brussels MP (MR) declares: “This is a real social disaster. Brussels and PS, the city with the highest risk of poverty in Europe, are at risk of sending thousands of people out of work or to CPAS. “

The same story was reported on the CDH page by Vice-Chancellor Christophe de Buegler: “This is a massive responsibility that will tarnish the record of this government and its credibility. The government is helping to force LVC drivers to accept its taxi scheme: they have no choice between that and unemployment. The socialist system, therefore, is to lay off 2,000 workers without warning, without consultation with representatives and without any hope for the future of the families.. ⁇

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