The pelican spider, an endangered species discovered by scientists in Australia

The pelican spider, an endangered species discovered by scientists in Australia

As the fire that devastated Australia between 2019 and 2020 killed nearly three million animals, a species that seemed to have disappeared forever from the face of the earth has re-emerged.

Great news and not the least. After the devastating fire that struck Australia in 2019 and 2020 destroyed many species of animals and plants, researchers believed that one species was permanently extinct: the pelican spider Sebracia austini as reported Geo

It measures only a few millimeters

In fact, only this spider, measuring only a few millimeters, survived Kangaroo Island So with the fire that also affected the territory of this arachnid, the scientists firmly believed The species has certainly disappeared from the face of the earth, As reported ABC News.

But now, in an attempt to find it last September, scientists have found a model In a small pile of leaves at least four kilometers from where she lived. According to the information the spider has been found Defender.

The discovery was not immediately released as DNA analysis would confirm the message.

For now only Two specimens were found : There is a woman and a small, but big hope.

Killer spider

L ‘Pelican spider Called because of its shape The body is reminiscent of a pelican hook.

But in English it is called a spider “Killer spider”, I.e. the killer spider, because it only feeds on other spiders.

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