An Australian ad photoshoot a helmet on a cyclist in Amsterdam –

Quand une pub australienne photoshoppe un casque sur une cycliste à Amsterdam

Long ago, far away in a galaxy …. Finally, the time we are talking about is not far offAustralia. The country that has been imposed for decades now Wear a bicycle helmet For all cyclists without exception. The order to carry out false propaganda when advertisements are even compelled to show that one is wearing a bicycle helmet. This is the poster campaign for Emirates. Problem: The helmet was photoshopped on the head of a cyclist traveling in Amsterdam.

Wearing a bicycle helmet is mandatory in Australia

Australian Highway Rule 256 states “The cyclist must wear an approved bicycle helmet that is securely fastened and attached to the rider’s head, unless otherwise prohibited from wearing a bicycle helmet under another law within that jurisdiction.“.

This is the case in all Australian states and territories except the Northern Territories (0.17 inhab./km², or 1% of Australia’s total population). If you do not comply, your Apple will be fined AU $ 139 (89). The Cycling Network is one of the most active cycling associations in Australia. Fighters It has been a long time since this law was repealed. On Australian soil, this duty has greatly reduced the number of cyclists on the streets. Similarly, she penetrated the bud Different attempts Installing self-service bicycles.

The bartender also wears a helmet

Even advertising campaigns describing cyclists seem to do just that. It is also overseen by the Australian Advertising Standards Board. A twittos BicycleAdagio, Australia, spotted this Emirates flight at a bus stop in Sydney. It also provides flights to Europe. And to illustrate the clich of the European capital, there is nothing better than using a good old photo of Amsterdam. We can already imagine the conversation:

– “Stone the crows! What are we doing ?!
– “No big deal Jimmy, tell the trainee to quickly photoshop the helmet on his head. Hop, never seen before …
– “You are the big boss …

Don’t just visit it, live it. Take new paths in Europe“- They may have added:”Do not forget your bike helmet

It’s really fun – and even a little embarrassing to see a company based in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) use a photo of a cyclist but be forced to respect the rules that apply in a foreign country. Cycling in a country where wearing a helmet on a bicycle is mandatory; And the safety of the cyclist is ensured by users who are equipped with infrastructure and motors that focus on their partners, especially on two wheels. Emirates knows how to adapt. We saw these ads aired in India and Italy:

This poster campaign Broadcast Emirates in Australia in 2016.
“Stone the Crows”: Generally an Australian surprise.

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