NASA double asteroid redirection test nasa gov nasalive dimorphos Asteroids

NASA double asteroid redirection test nasa gov nasalive dimorphos Asteroids

New Delhi. NASA has launched a spacecraft and this is the sole purpose of the mission. The spacecraft is launched by an asteroid at a speed of 15 thousand kilometers per hour … This mission is called the Dual Asteroid Orbital Test (NASA Dual Asteroid Orbital Test). The spacecraft took off on Wednesday afternoon Indian time. If the test is successful, it could be a major success for NASA and other aerospace companies, which could use it to change the direction of future asteroids and save Earth from destruction.

The DART spacecraft will be launched on the Space-X Falcon 9 rocket, which will depart from the Vandenberg Space Base in California at 1.20am Eastern time on Wednesday. In this case, NASA plans to broadcast the show live (NASA Science Live) through its YouTube channel. If the weather is bad at the launch site, the spacecraft will be launched after 24 hours.

Why did the spacecraft collide with the NASA asteroid?
NASA aims to attack the Dart spacecraft with an asteroid, the first of its kind to be followed in an attempt to avert future catastrophe on Earth. So if an asteroid comes towards the earth, it can save a city or the whole earth.

In an interview with NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, ‘DART’ is a remake of the Bruce Willis Armageddon film. Although it is purely fictional.

Watch the mission release live here

How does the work work?
Once launched, the spacecraft will form a complete orbit around the sun, after which it will become an obstacle in the way of the asteroid Dimarobos, equivalent to a football field. Dimorphos completes a revolution in 11 hours and 55 minutes around the asteroid Dimorphos itself. Astronomers develop these two asteroids into binary systems. One asteroid is like a small moon to another. The two asteroids orbit the Sun together every two years.

Although the earth is not endangered by timaros. And this work is for training only. When the two asteroids are closest to Earth, about 6.8 million miles away, Dart’s collision with the asteroid could occur in late September or early October next year.

This is how conflict happens; The spacecraft will collide directly with Dimorphos
Before hitting the asteroid, the Dart spacecraft will automatically collide with DeMarpos at a speed of 15,000 kilometers per hour. However, the camera on the spacecraft will capture the entire scene and send images 20 seconds before it hits Earth. At the same time, the Italian space agency will launch a small satellite 10 days before the collision, and it will reach 34 miles near the asteroid, sending images every 6 seconds before and after the collision.

How will NASA know that this mission was successful?
Earth-based telescopes monitor the crash site and display asteroids that appear as small dots in sunlight. Did the collision of the spacecraft have any impact on the orbit of the asteroid DeMarpos? To this end, astronomers will study the luminosity of sunlight. This study reveals that Timorbos goes ahead of Dydimos and secondly that Dimorbos goes around Dydimos.

If the time taken for Timorbos to orbit Didimos increases by 73 seconds, the Dart mission will be considered successful and complete its mission. However, task managers say that due to the collision, the orbit of the asteroid could increase by 10 to 20 seconds.

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