A week full of expected twists and turns in the NFL

A week full of expected twists and turns in the NFL

During the 12th week of activities, many teams will come together in the NFL, which will be marked by a Thanksgiving event in the United States.

On the “From Left Field” podcast, host Dallas Cowboys, who lost 19-9 to the Kansas City Chiefs, will return home to face the Las Vegas Raiders, host and football analyst Denise Cassavand said.

“The Cowboys lost their game in Kansas City,” Casavant said. They will jump back and for a few weeks things have become more complicated for the riders. Expect a great performance from the cowboys at home. ”

The buffalo bills must also work together, as the New England Patriots compete for first place in the eastern section of the American League. They can re-establish themselves by confronting the struggling New Orleans Saints with their backup quarterback Trevor Simeon.

“Again, I expect the bills to recover from the poor performance against the Indianapolis Golds.

When the Patriots return, it will be an important week for them to win and gain direct access to the second playoff round as they face their bills in Week 13. They will start their fight against the Tennessee Titans in five games. Success sequence.

“The first line, the boss, is in danger in the American club. With the victory of the ‘Bots’ they will be 8-4 and will get the same record if the Titans lose.

Excellent investment

Cassavand also praised the excellent work of the Arizona Cardinals staff who made up for the loss of footballer Kyler Murray by hiring experienced Gold McCoy. Murray suffered an ankle injury against the Green Bay Packers in Week 8. Since then, McCoy has won two of his three games.

“If we look at the last three weeks, it’s been a huge investment. It’s an experienced quarterback, 35, who had 30 starts in the NFL before this season,” the analyst praised.

“You have to invest the money, it’s a good number 2 quarterback. Teams that book a senior player, it pays off. Following the Gold McCoy deal, the” cards “have a lesson. Finished.

Murray will once again draw attention on Dec. 5, week 13, to cardinals who are currently enjoying a week-long vacation.

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