With or without Luca Donci, John Brunson wants Clippers to believe he is Slovenian

Luka Brunson

This Tuesday, the NBA is giving us a little evening with four games made of beautiful posters. Conflicts that clearly deserve a look. Come on, let’s send the program!


Plan for Monday # 22 November 2021

  • 1 hour: Pistons – heat (On BeIN Sports 4)
  • 1h30: Knicks – Lockers (In BeIN Game 1)
  • 4 p.m .: Blazers – nails
  • 4h30: Clippers – Mavericks

# The Match of the Night, finally according to us

1h30: Clippers – Mavericks: Because this match might be the perfect moment to find Luca Dansik ground and put 45 soldiers in Paul George’s nose. If this is not the case then maybe John Brunson, who has been thundering since the start of the season, could get the job done by trying to win this return match after last Sunday’s defeat. We’d love to see Christophe Porsingis play like this, a few days ago he was able to doubt the clippers using his size advantage. With Nicholas Bottom Out As part of the health protocol, the Dallas East Conference can effectively handle one of the shocks. Yes yes.

# Track

  • The Lakers, already orphaned by LeBron James, will probably have to fight without the sick Anthony Davis.
  • Nix has the opportunity to be revived by typing a big blow at home in front of his audience
  • It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.
  • This is unfortunate and very foolish for the Frenchman who injured his finger
  • So, without Nicola Jogic and Michael Porter Jr., how would the Knights do?


Four games on the menu, from 1am to 4:30pm and from Detroit to Dallas. In general we should not get bored. So we say we will meet later with coffee and a smile.

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