Was the WhatsApp chat accidentally deleted? Find the way to salvation

Was the WhatsApp chat accidentally deleted?  Find the way to salvation

Whatsapp Chats: Is WhatsApp Chat Deleted? Find the way to salvation

Did you delete the WhatsApp message by mistake or were you angry with your loved one? Meanwhile, after the deletion, there were pictures of some good moments or some important information about financial transactions in that chat and now I remember you needed it. Way now? no worry. There is a way, if the deleted WhatsApp chat history is stored on your Google Drive account or device, you can recover your message from there.

WhatsApp does not store your chats on its own server. Chat backups are stored in the user’s Google Drive or in the device’s internal storage. Deleted chat history can be restored by mistake or for any other reason.

Reset chat history this way-

The first thing you need to do is check if the WhatsApp chat history is backed up in your Google Drive account. To use this feature, first sign in with your Google Account to use the new smartphone. You can choose to back up your chat history on a daily, weekly and monthly basis as needed.

Install WhatsApp to reset WhatsApp chat history. Please check the phone number. After the login and verification process is complete, WhatsApp will prompt you to install the chat history from Google Drive. When you receive this instant message, click the Reset button. When done, click on the next option. Find all of your old chats.

If for some reason your chat history is not stored in Google Drive, WhatsApp will detect the old whatsapp chat from your device’s local storage. However, this option will not work if you change the device.

If you have a WhatsApp backup in local storage, find out how to restore it-

Go to the file manager and if you do not have a smartphone, download it. Now find the WhatsApp folder in this file manager. You can usually find this folder in the internal storage. Enter the folder and tap Database. Here you will get a backup of WhatsApp chat. Backup will be taken according to chat history date. See if you have a date folder for the date or chat history you want.

If your chat history is shaved on your SD, copy that WhatsApp chat folder and move it to the database folder. Copy this folder to your internal repository of the same name.

Now uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp and sign in with your phone number. Now reset your chat history by tapping the WhatsApp recovery button.

In the meantime, to retrieve the chat backup of the previous day, rename the folder of that day from the database folder, if the file name is msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12, then msgstore. Rename it as db.crypt12. But be careful, do not forget to change the crypt extension. Now uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. Sign in and retrieve your chat.

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