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Як створити на Марсі магнітне поле: наукове дослідження - Новини технологій - Техно

Elon Musk firmly believes that “putting all the eggs in one basket” is not worth it. That is, mankind should leave Earth and begin the expansion between the planets. Billionaire gives Mars to colonization. The choice may be very good, but people should continue to live on better equipped sites. After all, the absence of a magnetic field makes it difficult to deform the red planet until its atmosphere “flows” into space.

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This is the landscape of Mars / Photo by NASA Mars Curiosity

Creating the magnetic field of Mars

The Earth’s magnetic field is created by the dynamo effect (magnetic dynamo) in the nucleus, where the convection of iron alloys creates a geomagnetic field. Mars is smaller and cooler than our planet and a magnetic dynamo formation is not expected. But it can be created artificially.

To provide a magnetic field for Mars, a powerful stream of charged particles is needed inside or around the planet. The first option was rejected by scientists, so there are charged particles around the red planet. Here comes to the aid of one of the two satellites of Mars – Bobos, which is larger than Timos.

Scientists propose to ionize and accelerate particles from the surface of phosphos. This will form the torus (ring) of these particles around the planet, and this will ensure the presence of a magnetic field. In this way, Mars will be protected from the harmful solar wind caused by Plasma Taurus.

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The magnetic field of Mars
This is how the magnetic field of Mars / Photo Acta Astronautica looks like

The article considers several options for creating a magnetic field. But this, according to the authors of the publication, is easy because it does not require much effort and large mass launches.

The magnetic field will restore comfortable atmospheric pressure to Mars and replenish the atmosphere with oxygen. Who knows, maybe this study will allow to walk in the Mariner Valley in the future.

  • By the way, Mars loses not only water, but also the absence of a magnetic field Due to global dust storms.
  • The red planet is not new Earthquakes, Although the planets appear to be geographically dead.
  • Scientists have learned how long it will take Flight to MarsSo radiation is not dangerous.
  • Humans are likely to be the first creatures to visit the surface of the Red Planet – before that There is no life.

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