Toulouse. After the Rugby Union, a new club will form the elite next season

Toulouse Pierce will play in the first division of the American Football Championship from February 2022.
Toulouse Pierce will play in the first division of the American Football Championship from February 2022. (© Ours de Toulouse)

The Toulouse game in 2021 will definitely be at the party. After the rise of the Super League of Olympic Toulouse XIII came into effect on Sunday, October 10, 2021 and Ville Rose’s victory against another team, Ernest-Wallen, Featherstone Rovers (34-12) next season will taste the joy of its sporting elite. In fact, American football will be represented at the “Made in Toulouse” Elite Championship Bears of Toulouse.

A climb … without playing!

Although the tournament was halted several months ago due to ill health, the moves between the divisions in American football have not stopped. So bears, Trained by Rudy Fonkoué, Administratively loaded ாமல் and without playing! Arnaud Montgeni, President of the Club:

“First division clubs have to meet sports and management conditions to play in the Elite. However, for two years, our club, by its very structure, has been meeting these specifications. Asking a team to be expelled, we had the best criteria. To reach the elite.”

Arnaud MontgeniPresident of the Toulouse Pierce Club

Toulouse-Grenoble will launch on February 13, 2022

Then Men’s and women’s rugby (State dolucine and state dolucine female), Volleyball (Phoenix), Volleyball (Spacers), Rugby Union (TO XIII), but Lee Baseball (State Toulouse Baseball), American footballers also wear 4 colorse City in France.

Beautiful posters in perspective and derby from Occitania as Black & White crosses swords with Montpellier and Perpignan in their elite pool. “The Catalans beat us in the semifinals three years ago, we did not wake up.

“We aim to get the degree within three years”

On February 13, 2022, Isérois will be the first team to challenge Toulouse in the championship. The Elite Championship consists of two pools and is called Favorites. Marseille, Donon-les-Paines and La Gornev.

“The aim is to ensure a good season and build a team for the future. But in the medium term, we want to be part of the top four clubs and play the league title within three years.”

Arnaud MontgeniLeader-player of the Toulouse Bears

Leader’s hat … and player!

Arnaud Montgeni Last, an important season to enjoy with the stunning double hat Chairman (since 2018) … and player, Who has soaked the Pierce jersey for ten seasons now and was a part of the France team!

Since happiness never comes alone, the 19-year-old Toulouse will be proud to play basketball in their division. Arnaud Montgenie is the logo of a club that wants to build on all levels. “We want to be strong in all areas. For example, we have created a female team Because there was a demand and we are adding young people to the flag (contact and non-mixed American football, Editor’s note) And this Exciting From the age of 10. We have been working with Townhall to create larger and more comfortable stands.

“Make every game fun”

With this upsurge, matches and spectators return to the handrail and stand, and Toulouse has plans for animation of player-leader home matches. “Before the epidemic, We had 200 to 4000 spectators per match. We hope to do more, and for that we need to make every game fun. For example, we want to set up a fan zone in the parking lot, entertainment and the introduction of American football … Idea: Come and see American football on a good Sunday, ”explains Arnaud Montgeni.

The Argoulets Club hopes to prove that American football can start in the Pink City by penetrating the hearts of the people of Toulouse. “We are one of the best French American football clubs. Take up more space in Toulouse“, The leader-player concludes.

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