According to this US legislator, Amazon knows a little more about its users

Le logo d'Amazon sur une enseigne.

Ibrahim Sameera Was interested Internet privacy To the extent Virginia legislator. Therefore, he paid special attention Amazon. He demanded his access User folder To the technology company. The discovery stunned him.

Amazon logo on a logo.

Amazon would have charged More than 1000 contacts From his cell phone. The company knows exactly the part of the Quran that Sameera heard in an audio book on December 17, 2020. Not to mention the research he did on stage. Key Requests Around healthHe thought secretly.

The company collects a Large amount of data On its US customers. However, this information Available as needed Since the beginning of 2020. US users need to fill out a form on to retrieve their data.

Do users still have privacy?

In additionIbrahim Sameera, Seven journalists Reuters Also requested their user files from Amazon. Thanks to this, they discovered that the company could hold Especially intimate information.

Amazon Collects this data in a number of ways. Among them is his Help voice Alexa, Its video and music platforms and its home security cameras. Inside, Alexa’s accessible devices, security cameras make recordings Memorize each new one.

For example, a file from a journalist was leaked 90,000 posts from Alexa. They care about his family and date December 2017 to June 2021. In particular, it includes posts asking questions about the gender of children aged 7, 9 and 12 years. Alexa.

All of this proves that Amazon exists Especially intimate information.

Can you trust Amazon?

Faced with this, Amazon maintains it Confidential information Helps to improve and customize its products and services. The goal is to better meet everyone’s needs.

In addition, it offers a way out Delete most of this data. This Close your Amazon account Partner. This indicates that the information will be in the archives of the company. This is the casePurchase History Needed for that Respectable Legal obligations.

Florian Schaub a Privacy Analyst At the University of Michigan. The companies said no Not entirely obvious In using information about users. So, he thinks only consumers canHope Amazon makes good use of it Data about them.

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