Top Intel Arc Alchemist Video Card at Geekbench / News /

Top Intel Arc Alchemist Video Card at Geekbench / News /

Intel continues to release first-generation Discrete Ark Alchemist graphics cards. The next day in the Geekbench OpenCL database, a primary version with 512 computing units was observed. With indirect indications, we have an engineering model that is still far from the final version.

The GPU became 1329 MHz for four test periods, with 63% of the maximum frequency of 2.1 GHz supporting this assumption. Intel uses the services of TSMC, a third-party company, to manufacture the chips, using 6nm N6 process technology. Therefore, production alchemist models can certainly operate at frequencies above 2 GHz.

Ark Alchemist

Geekbench software recognizes video cache as 12.7 GB. According to initial leaks, the flagship still needs to get 16GB of memory with a 256-bit interface. So, we have a removal model of the pre-top level with authentication error or 12GB and 192 bit bus.

Ark Alchemist

An internal test platform based on the Core i5-9600K was used for testing. In four runs, the accelerator scored 69220, 68418, 6603 and 64964 points. Comparing the results obtained with the data of the open database, it is approximately similar to the GeForce RTX 2060 or Titan Xp.

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