The Royal Institution of London Diprograms the Gemmore Conference

The Royal Institution of London Diprograms the Gemmore Conference

The day before he arrived in London, the Royal Institute canceled a conference of French paramedics. Sadiq Khan has spoken out against what he said in the British capital.

Flooding in the media for months, the name Zemmour will no longer be foreign to you. A controversial French lawyer and columnist convicted of inciting racism in 2011 and inciting hatred against Muslims in 2018, he now appears to be running for president. Although his candidacy is not official, he is fueling televised debates and media interference: a lucrative strategy aimed at getting him 12 to 17% of the vote in various French polls. As he travels to London over the weekend to reaffirm his international visibility and support, strong opposition to his coming to the London Town Hall side emerges.

The Royal Institution canceled the signing session of Eric Zemmer

Eric Zemore was about to hold a conference and book signing at the prestigious Royal Institution, which canceled the event at the last minute. The 300 educated foreigners who registered to participate in the plaintiff’s speech were not prevented from reporting that the British learned community had left its group. ” A simple email without any justification “Eric Zemorin’s entourage described the decision.” The main mistakee “, judging her” Incomprehensible in terms of business law .

The British branch of the European Ecological Green Party (EELV UK) has publicly called on the mayor of the city, Sadiq Khan, to block the arrival of the Defendant in London. The latter took a stand against Zemmour, explaining during a city council meeting on Thursday: ” I want to be clear. The strength of our city is its diversity. Therefore, those who want to divide our community and those who want to incite hatred on people because of their skin color or their religion are not welcome in our city. A member of the Labor Party, elected in 2016 and re-elected this year, Sadiq Khan is the first Muslim mayor of the European capital. Tweet allowed.

Sadiq Khan’s controversial position

Many supporters of the French opposition were disappointed by this setback, mostly in one city. ” The sixth largest city in France “Because of the importance of its French community. Zemmour’s team did not fail to condemn this rejection, its spokesman said.” If this information is true, it would be very surprising in a city where jihad calls are allowed on the streets. It seems to us that the Mayor of London has no say in who, what, where and at what time. This is a strange situation in a country where there is freedom of speech “Is filtering political actors empowered to speak in one’s country an impediment to freedom of expression? This is a question of distinction, according to elected officials in London.” Free speech “(Independent speech) from” Hate speech (Hate speech). The boundary between the two seems hard to find, which does not fail to enliven social networks.

Known for its nonsensical cosmopolitanism and particular notion of freedom of expression, the United Kingdom seems to want to further masquerade as the so-called new French Trump abroad. Eric Zemmor has been in the French media landscape for a few weeks, blowing the wind of contradiction between frantic debates and pronounced positions, and this trend seems to be being exported across the channel. Despite the good intentions of this British position, it seems to have had the same effect of throwing oil back into the fire of the media channels, which reinforces the debater’s view.

After London, Geneva also opposes the presence of Zemor in its territory

Gemmoor has not yet formalized his candidacy, yet he is debating with French politicians and fattening the cabbage of the French media, which has angered him. He has repeatedly stated that he is slow to make this decision, which turns the opinion of the French people into suspense. This opposition to his visit to London seems to be the first attempt to put an international impediment to his potential campaign, especially since Geneva Mayor Sadiq Khan has been attached to his post. When the plaintiff and former columnist was on his way to Switzerland for a conference on November 24, Frédérique Perlier said: ” (His presence) On the one hand, the city of Geneva will prove to be complicit in spreading its hateful messages. On the other hand, within the framework of the public policy of the City of Geneva it would be contrary to the values ​​protected. So we are completely at odds “Jean-Marie Le Pen, a French far-right icon who has already indicated his support for the plaintiff, believes Eric Zemmor is beginning to slip in his race for fame. He unknowingly burned his cards “, And” Not until the event .

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