Great insult to Anthony Davis by Dwight Howard

Anthony Davis et Dwight Howard s'embrouillent

If he shows a higher level than last season, Anthony Davis is not free from all slander. One of them was knitted by a site that specializes in statistics, especially in AD.

When he landed with the Lockers in 2019, Anthony Davis Was planned as the clear leader of the franchise, and LeBron James announced that he was leaving the keys to the truck. However, in reality, things turned out a little differently. For more than two years, King has still been the team captain, both off the field and in AD.

During the titular season, especially in the bubble, Unipro failed to maintain production like last year and the current year. The unfortunate stagnation after a setback is certainly a player who will be the best, but lacks the consistency at the highest level to be the leader of a team like the Lakers – this is the plan.

Injury statistic for Anthony Davis வழியாக via Dwight Howard

One of the biggest challenges for ex-pelicans is the 3-point lineup. From the 2017-2018 season, the recession for the big man is permanent: 34%, then 33.1% in 2018-2019, then 33% next year, 26% last season, and … 17.6% now in 2021-2022. A bad number came to light through Statemus:

Anthony Davis took 17.6% from 3 points this season.

Dwight Howard has scored 3-points in their last 10 games (3) AD-like.

One of Davis’ strengths is this multi-dimensional side, which allows him to dominate the lower position and punish from the middle and outside. This feature of the Unipro game has been heavily compromised for months, thus exacerbating the problem and affecting the overall rating of AD services. However, in such a difficult time, lockers will need their home over …

The season is still long, and there is no shortage of examples of players having difficulty shooting from a distance to start a campaign. Luca Tansik Last year or, more recently, Damien Lillard. However, the fact that the downward trend has spread over 4 years is a cause for concern, which can no longer be ignored in Los Angeles.

Did Anthony Davis act as effectively on three points as Dwight Howard? The time has come to sound the alarm for AD, who may be ashamed to see this statistic. Like a true leader, he must succeed in adjusting the shots and overcoming the tomb.

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