When to go, when to fight

«Si le dialogue est difficile, si on peine à évoquer notre souffrance auprès du partenaire, il est bon de s'interroger sur ces limitations», souligne Anne Sauzède-Lagarde, psychothérapeute spécialisée en Gestalt thérapie

Our Psychological Counseling – Conflicts, diminished desires and hatreds sometimes interfere with the well-oiled dynamics of a romantic relationship like a grain of sand. How do you know if you are waving a red flag or waving a white flag? Both therapists help to ask the right questions.

The Romantic relationship It is far from a long calm river. It’s like an EKG, when the line stagnates at times of ups and downs and so on. Sometimes the sluggishness of everyday life overwhelms curiosity. Disagreements can never appear and disappear. Is this malfunction temporary or a bad omen? How do you know if you need to back up or rebuild the pair to make repairs? Where is the line between privilege and separation?

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Decreasing tolerance limit

According to Camille Rosett, Couple psychologist and therapist, The question of separation arises where the feeling of suffering begins and reoccurs. “It simply came to our notice then, She explains. The level of tolerance of the situation, the level of relationship with the partner decreases dangerously

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