Three out of four men on virtual reality sites use the female incarnation – Kudasai

Three out of four men on virtual reality sites use the female incarnation - Kudasai

In the Japanese Culture Portal Hand-you An article was published with an excerpt from this.Social VR Lifestyle Report“A Report Summarizing Current Trends in the Virtual Reality World (Its abbreviated VR in English), The use of avatars and voice communication. In fact, one of the most relevant features is related to the previous ones. The first question quoted writes: “Select “All” VR social sites that you use frequently (you can choose more than one, but do not select the ones you have only tried once). In this aspect, VRChat Was the most popular site overall, following that Nios VR And Masonry.

Why Use Virtual Reality Social Platforms? (Please select compatible ones)இரண்டாவது The second question mentioned in the article. They excelled in this re-creation. “Connect with friends“,”Attend the event“,”Create a world or incarnation“And”Live broadcast“.

What name do you use?Another of the questions quoted herein Social VR Lifestyle Study 2021, 98 percent of Japanese respond that they use a nickname instead of their real name. For Europe and North America it was 81 and 83 percent, respectively.

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Biological gender and origin of your incarnationஅடுத்த The next question in the article is quoted. Eighty-seven percent of those surveyed said they were men and 11 percent were women. However, 76 percent of men use the female incarnation, and sixteen percent use the male incarnation. On the other hand, 79 percent of women use female incarnations and 5 percent use male incarnations. This was a very interesting point in the forums in Japan, where they proposed their own theories on the subject.

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