In London, the treasures of the Gordalt collection find their case after three years of work

In London, the treasures of the Gordalt collection find their case after three years of work

After three years of work, the Gordalt Gallery in London reopens this Friday, November 19th. Full of updated and new locations, it allows new visitors to discover many masterpieces, including Manet’s Bar aux Folies-Bergères and Van Gogh’s self-portrait with a restrained ear.

In central London, the Gordalt Gallery reopens today after three years of work. Existing exhibition halls were renovated and new spaces opened, with the aim of strengthening the relationship between the museum, the public and the Courtald Institute (an organization that specializes in art history, affiliated with the university). London) Accessibility to the historic building has also been improved. If the company welcomes these innovations, the site’s budget, according to 57 million ” Defender , However the British newspaper has been harshly critical.

New places

In the new locations, some are dedicated to hosting temporary exhibitions and others to research. In particular, they are expected to run the Courtald company in the future. Brown Brown, chairman of Madingley Courtallam The gallery said: “The new Cortalt Gallery allows more than ever to show the breadth and richness of the collection. […]. Our new venues and facilities can accommodate our popular temporary exhibitions, schools, students and a larger community..

View of the Medieval and Renaissance Art Gallery at the Gordalt Gallery. Photo © David Eleven

Excellent presentation of the collections

Many areas of the company’s permanent collection benefit from the new development. Collections of the Middle East, Italy and Northern Europe at that time Middle Ages In the beginning Renaissance Now housed in a space on the first floor of the building, several rooms on the second floor now display works from the Renaissance to the 18th century, including paintings by Rubens and Law. Trinity with the Saints From Bodicelli. The works of the Bloomsbury Group, a group of British artists from the first half of the 20th century, benefit from a new dedicated space.

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View of the LVMH Room in the Gordalt Gallery.  Photo © David Eleven

View of the LVMH Room in the Gordalt Gallery. Photo © David Eleven

There are many masterpieces in the works that have been made available to the public again. The Courtald Gallery is special A look at Follis-Berkers By Manet, Card players By Cézanne, andSelf portrait with built-in ear Van Gogh’s other masterpieces include Bodicelli, Monet, Renoir And Kokoshka.

Budget to be reviewed

If the company says the building will benefit from renovations and innovations, the budget will be discussed for its part. “ Defender », In particular, the shocking respect compared to the small changes that have been made, especially the promise to welcome Courtallam into its walls, is, at the moment, a preferred thought.

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