Below the referendum, Eric Jemmore will try to get revived in London

Below the referendum, Eric Jemmore will try to get revived in London

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Eric Zemore travels to London until Saturday evening. The debater, who has not yet formalized his presidential candidacy, especially wants to raise funds. But in many polls, while it is stagnant or declining, the idea of ​​revival is also on the agenda.

To analyze

A trip abroad to get the best revival. Then He has not yet formalized his candidacy for the presidency From 2022, Eric Zemmer Travel to London until Saturday evening. After the cancellation of his conference at the Royal Institution, a trip that had already caused a great deal of ink flow, but this marked an important step for the debater. Because of the steady increase in opinion polls over the weeks, his campaign is facing its first difficulties, stagnation in opinion polls.

According to the defendant, the first purpose was to try to revive him. Second Objective: To raise funds from the French people living in London. It is one of the largest expatriate communities and historically it offers a lot to applicants. In the presidential election. In 2017, Emmanuel Macron And Franசois Pillon also went there.

Create an international position

Finally, Eric Zemor’s third goal is to build his international status. Anyone who has not yet formalized their candidacy should, for example, give a 40-minute interview Saturday morning to Bloomberg TV, an economic channel on the theme of sovereignty.

At the same time, in France, his team is making excellent final arrangements. According to Europe 1, leaflets will be distributed this Friday in some areas distributed by the “Eric Jemmoor Friends” Association this weekend. A final campaign, before the “foundation” of the debating party, is only a matter of days.

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