Russell Wilson: “I want to play for a long time and then own the NFL rights”

Russell Wilson: "I want to play for a long time and then own the NFL rights"

If he has more good years, Russell Wilson is already looking forward to the future. Seahawks Quarterback, a guest on the AP Pro football podcast, said owning NFL ownership was one of his later career goals.

But not for a while.

“I know I loved this game, but in reality I’re totally crazy about this game,” he explained. That’s why I want to play for over 20 years. “

Wilson arrived in the NFL in 2012. He is 32 years old. He will be twenty years old by 2032, so he will be 43 years old. Next? There is no question of standing away from the fields.

“I’ll really want to play for a long time, but when I’ve done I want to own an NFL franchise and be able to make an impact in a city, a country and bring people to football. I’re very involved in the business side of things and the game in general. I love the success process, so I hope we can bring this culture to a team and an organization. “

Although he is already a minority partner of Seattle Saunders (MLS), he is not the only quarterback to have a stake in the game.

Aaron Rodgers (Milwaukee Bucks, NBA) and Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Royals, MLP) have also taken the plunge.

The former player who owns the NFL team? This will be the greatest achievement of Wilson’s life.

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