François Truffaut, image by image …

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François Truffaut, image by image ...

The director’s ultimate beautiful book for lovers, François Truffaut, picture by picture Written by Christine Mason and Laurent Delmas begins with the first shorts Mistons To go Sunday Roll !. 140 photos present Truffa as a director and actor.

Fantastic preface by Arnaud Desplechin

In the preface, in the exercise of breathtaking admiration, it is infinitely softer, as Arnad Despleschin explains by reviewing it. Four hundred strokes In Luxembourg he finally entered the “question of cinema”. And the following analysis is just as accurate and refined as this memory: “In Truffaut, under a quiet breeze, the story is darkened by anger. “Or again:” His courage coincides with his humility: immense !. »P. 8 and 9. An excellent lesson in cinema and exchange?

A fresco, film by decade and film by decade

The rest of the book begins with a short film in 1954 Visit And ends in 1983 Sunday Roll! The cast of François Truffaut and especially the actresses are magnified, some films are familiar to us, others are very rare. Also the filmmaker is ubiquitous in the shooting photos as he is an actor in his films (episode) Green room Attractive in this aspect) with always very clear quotes: Truffaut can be measured and evaluated by the filmmaker, as well as the critical Truffaut when looking at another director. Christine Mason and Laurent Delmas re-established the atmosphere of the shootings and truly presented Franுவாois Truffaut’s cinema in an invaluable setting.

This book will appeal to complete fans and converts who have seen all of François Truffaut’s films ten times, and he can watch movies in theaters or currently on Netflix!

François Truffaut, picture by picture..., Introduction by Christine Mason and Laurent Delmas, Arnaud Desplech, Callimart, 140 photos, with 24.5 X 28.4, 240 p. 39.90 euros.

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François Truffaut, image by image …

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