Australia: Perth Heat Baseball team pays players and staff in Bitcoin (BTC)

Australia: Perth Heat Baseball team pays players and staff in Bitcoin (BTC)

The Perth Heat Australian baseball team became the world’s first professional sports club to pay its players and staff in bitcoins.

Towards new heights

This notice has been issued as a result Perth Heat Has entered into a sponsorship agreement with OpenNode, a leading Bitcoin payment company.

As part of the contract, the heat will be accepted Bitcoin payments For sponsorship, attributes and sale at Baseball Stadium.

Heat CEO Steven Nelkowski hopes the fantastic sponsorship deal will allow the club. ” Achieve a new level of success on and off the field.

We firmly believe that our dedicated players, coaches, staff and fans will realize the way Bitcoin causes thinking for network participants. We are eager to show the value that a game system can bring to the community in the Bitcoin era.Nelkowski announced.

By accepting the core values ​​of the Bitcoin protocol, we believe we can achieve new levels of success on and off the field, and remind the world of the true value of the game.», The General Manager announced in a speech to the community:

We know that the community views Perth Heat as a model for success, and we hope that adopting the Bitcoin standard will encourage others to embrace the monetary system that requires value creation to thrive.

For the future

The club has also appointed a chief bitcoin expert to help transform him“Treasure of cryptocurrency dollar companies”. Patrick O’Sullivan officiated.

The club has already established a starting point at BTC and will reinvest the available capital in Bitcoin to help secure its digital asset rights in the world’s most trusted money network.O’Sullivan said.

The team’s management insists that this is not a one-time purchase, but a series of actions to protect against future uncertainties or inflationary pressures:

Perth Heat acknowledges the reality of the future of money and corporate finance la blockchain bitcoin.

Western Australia’s Perth Heat Club is the most successful team in Australian Baseball League history. He has won four ABL Championships since the tournament was created in 2010. And we all wonder how the mood triggered by Bitcoin (the manager mentioned this very vaguely in his interview) affects the players on the team. Will this lead to new high results or will it change like the exchange rate of the first cryptocurrency?


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