Free Registration for 2021 IG Sales Strategy Seminar Meta & Experts Explain IG Business Tips & Tricks

Free Registration for 2021 IG Sales Strategy Seminar Meta & Experts Explain IG Business Tips & Tricks

As social sites continue to evolve,SaleThe strategy must be timely. Among them, you can not ignore the new trends and activities of Instagram. The API application solution provided by allows customers to easily control the interactive functions of the platform and improve the user experience. This method is hosted in conjunction with the meta. Instagram Marketing Strategy webinar, Share the latest developments and strategies.

IG reaches out to potential customers and enhances satisfaction

As we all know, in addition to traditional advertising channels, social sites also need relevant content collaboration to promote brand recognition and promote services or products. Now that humans and machines are out of their hands, the importance of sales on social sites may surpass traditional advertising and become the first entry point for customers to recognize the brand. Most companies may have more or less used social sites for sale, but you need to learn a lot of skills to use the real effects of the site.

Social sites are not static. Both user habits and platform functions are constantly changing. For example, new content release models or peripherals can enable companies to streamline contacts on the platform, enhance content and increase sales, and add various automation solutions to provide a better customer experience.

Make good use of APIs with a wide range of applications

In addition to creating content, social site marketing is the most important part of interacting with potential or existing customers, which affects their perception of the brand and even consumer decisions. Both Facebook and Instagram offer API functionality, allowing third-party tools to integrate with the site to expand the scope of their application. Through different APIs, companies can respond to marketing needs on different social platforms, such as automated customer communication services, setting up ad content tables, intelligent categorization and targeted marketing of potential customers, and integrated payment solutions. All aspects are that the marketing effect is twice the result of half the effort. uses Instagram’s API in conjunction with its own artificial intelligence system to provide automated Chatbot dialog robot tools, making it easier for companies and organizations to communicate across different platforms. These conversations are not as simple as phone recordings. By analyzing the user’s answers, different application methods can be obtained after the analysis. After categorization, we can deliver the required content to different clients and provide more accurate content advertising. Sale.

For example, now many people feel curious after seeing IG posts and send a message to listen. The intelligent system can automatically analyze the message. If they find you interested in purchasing, they can send the shopping link message directly to the person. Leaving the message can attract potential customers and get a quick response, while increasing sales volume naturally, while reducing the time and cost of responding manually.

In addition, there are advanced application methods such as the use of hashtag promotion functions, the distribution of discount codes, the promotion of influential KOLs, and the provision of marketing dividends associated with them, which can be very useful for some companies. If you use a little creativity and appropriate solutions, the marketing effect will be doubled in half the effort. recommends partners for Meta

To collaborate with Facebook and Instagram’s APIs, the parent company Meta has formed a partnership program, and is the officially recommended partner. It has created tools that make it easy for users to use various API functions on Instagram. They have Set Sail to provide solutions for Facebook APIs, and cross-site applications of intelligent automated communication tools outside of social platforms, in addition to automated communication, to collect data for analysis and provide customized services.

Currently, many companies use or Set Sail tools to meet various needs on social sites or their respective websites or applications. Financial institutions such as retail, banking such as IKEA, Casetify, Adidas, Shu Uemura, East Asia, Hong Cheng Bank and many more, companies like KMB and China Light and Power, I hope many friends have enjoyed their services more or less.

Webinar Sharing Tips

This time has teamed up with Meta to organize an online seminar. Experts will also introduce various techniques such as better use of the Hashtag to attract customers and how to use Chatbot chat robots to automate the customer. Improving the experience and many more.

New clients participating in this webinar can participate in 1 to 1 instagram professional consultation (approximately 20 minutes), analyze the process in more depth and provide strategic solutions for individual needs. The award-winning games on the webinar include instant experience of the functionality of the Instagram API and the opportunity to gain professional customized advertising strategies and advertising costs. Friends interested in social site applications should not miss this opportunity.

Event details

Date: November 24, 2021
Hours: 16:00 – 17:00
Language: English and Cantonese
Content: A brief introduction to the Instagram API process, sharing strategic success examples, and an instant experience of the Instagram API
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