6 Best Exchanges to Buy Cryptocurrencies in Finland.

Finland is a place that supports the use of cryptocurrencies and so a lot of crypto traders are attracted to the country as years go by. Finland even has ATMs for cryptocurrency to aid the buy and selling of this virtual asset. 

Crypto exchanges are the major channels through which cryptocurrencies are bought and sold and so it is necessary to look for a reliable and trusted one. You can do this by reading the reviews of financial services providers on Suomiarvostelut. From users of cryptocurrency exchanges, exchanges that can be reliable when trading cryptocurrencies in Finland are:

  • Coinbase:

Coinbase is a reliable and one of the trusted crypto exchanges in many parts of the world including Finland. Cryptocurrencies can be bought using even debit cards in their crypto software. 

Coinbase even offers its customers many things, like giving them a sign-up bonus that is worth around $30 in crypto. One of the advantages of these exchanges is that they can be used by a total newbie to purchase a cryptocurrency. But some of their customers have complained about Coinbase’s inability to respect their privacy and also their transaction speed is not fast. 

  • Binance:

Right now, in the world, Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange that was created in the year 2017. They claim to handle daily transactions worth over $1 billion, one of the things that draw a lot of people to Binance is their ability to offer many cryptocurrencies in the world and the amount that is spent on their trading fees is considerably lower than most of the other crypto exchanges. 

  • Bitpanda:

Bitpanda is a crypto exchange that has a lot of customers that use it in Finland and is considered as one of the best exchanges in the country. Bitpanda unlike most cryptocurrency exchanges has a lot of payment methods which includes: their debit and credit card, using Skrill, SEPA, NETELLER, etc. 

The only problem that its customers encounter is their lack of transparency as they don’t openly show their fees on the site when you are trying to buy from them. 

  • Coinmama:

Coinmama is an international crypto exchange that operates in Finland and is available for users around the world. Their method of making payments includes SEPA and debit or credit cards. This crypto exchange is very easy to use, and they have a very fast transaction rate. 

  • Kraken:

Kraken was created in 2011 and so is one of the crypto exchanges that has been in the business for a long time. Kraken headquarters is in the US and has users from most parts of the world. Kraken has a reputation for respecting the customer’s privacy and keeping all their details safe. 

Another thing that accounts for the large users this exchange has is their low transaction fee and their variety of payment options. One has to know that this exchange can be difficult to navigate if you are just new to cryptocurrency. 

  • Bity:

Bity is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges in Finland that also serve as an ATM operator. This crypto exchange is keen on verifying their customers on every transaction they make and that is why some people don’t like to use it. But one has to know that their service is fast, and they have low transaction fees. 


Cryptocurrency exchanges are a major place where the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies are carried out. It is, therefore, necessary to know the best and reputable exchanges, such as the one mentioned above to avoid losing your money to fraudsters. 

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