Robinson Canoe must behave well to be accepted

Robinson Canoe must behave well to be accepted

A year ago, Robinson Kano (for the second time) was caught for doping. He tested positive for Stanozolol (a synthetic anabolic steroid derived from testosterone). He was suspended for one year without pay.

Once his suspension is over, he could return to the MLB for next season. Will he be accepted in his team’s locker room? According to Francisco Linder, if Kano wants to regain his place, he must apologize. With two seasons left in the contract, Kano’s days in New York may have been numbered.

Now 39, Canó has not played in the majors since the 2020 season, where he had a strong season (.316 / .352 / .544). He designed himself by participating in the Winter League in the Dominican Republic. But with a salary of $ 24 million a year for the next two seasons, Canó will have to maintain an excellent presence on the pitch.

In addition to the pressure to produce, Kano has to find a way to be acceptable to his teammates, coaches and fans, which will not be so easy. According to the head of the New York Mets, it depends on how he behaves and how he behaves and explains between the start of training camp.

It applies not only to his teammates, but also to the fans and coaches of the team he plays for. As Lindor noted, Kano should sincerely apologize. This is the first step in being accepted.

What to expect now is that Kano has understood his lesson and he will never get caught up in doping again. He has to do everything he can to start apologizing and fall in love with himself again.

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