The company has released an update for Android devices, ‘bugs will be fixed’


PUBG has launched around the world including the new state of India. This is an upgraded version of Crafton’s original Battle Royal mobile game PUBG Mobile, which has some extra features and better graphics. But once the game was launched, it landed with many bugs and glitches, which gamers have complained about in the Play Store. Now the game developer has released an update for the game, which claims to fix these issues. Also read – PUBG How to get unique and stylish comertack in new state

Mobile gamers have been waiting for PUBG New State for a long time. Pre-registration of the game was done by 55 million people. The game crossed the 1 crore download mark within hours of launch, and has been downloaded more than 20 million times so far. Let’s see this update of the game. Also read – PUBG New State surpassed 20 million downloads, but ratings fell

PUBG New state bugs

On the day of launch, PUBG New State had trouble downloading users for the first few hours. The game was downloaded at 9:30 am Indian time. For iOS users, this game went live after a while. But even during the game, players had to deal with a variety of errors. Also read – PUBG New State Review in Hindi: Game-Blake Has Energy and Gains ‘Realistic’ Feeling

From server issues and app crashes, various bugs were found in the game. Some Android users have complained that their phones are red. The company did not say anything in the complaint about the phone being redone, but it has released an update on the Play Store for Android users. This update fixes bugs in the Android version of the game.

PUBG new state update

Crafton says this update fixes the following bugs:

  • After the player’s account was created, the game failed to specify a nearby server several times, which was fixed. Now it will suggest the best server to the player, according to Pink.
  • Fixed an issue in Spectate mode where the viewer screen would be zoomed in when the player finished in ADS mode.
  • The game did not work on some Realmy devices, which was fixed.
  • The game crashed on some other devices, which was fixed.
  • To get this update you just need to go to Play Store and press the Update button given before PUBG New State.

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