Is it time to set the dial for beginners?

Is it time to set the dial for beginners?

It is not a myth that MLB games are too long, especially in the playoffs. In October games, managers are impatient with their pitchers, so the game will last longer. My colleague Charles-Alexis Prespois slipped a word about it a month ago.

What should MLB do to speed up dating?

Enabling dial for launchers would be the solution.

The idea of ​​implementing dial for pitchers is highly supported by administrators throughout MLB. Here is what many have said in this regard.

I like the idea. I like the conversation around it. I like the idea of ​​how we respond to the preferences of our fans, think about the health and vitality of this game and create as much energy and enthusiasm as possible. The initial feedback seems to be very good and now I am very excited to think about the next step.

Ross Atkins, General Manager, Blue Jazz

I am for anything that helps reduce idle time in the game. I am ready for anything. So I think we can do to reduce idle time in the game, obviously everyone has to agree, players and stuff, but I’m for that.

Alex Andopoulos, head of baseball operations for the Braves

I think (all the rule changes) are interesting, but the dial has always been of interest to me because it is something we have slowly implemented over time in the game of baseball. I think this will be very beneficial for both the playing time and the action we see on the field. As a field, we want the game to be even more enjoyable.

Jerry Depot, head of baseball operations for Marines

Obviously, as with all rules, the dial should be introduced gradually, but I think this would be a great way to speed up meetings. Since senior pitchers have been in their habit for many years, they will be difficult to adjust, but if it improves the game, they will be in favor.

MLB actually implemented the dial for 15-second pitchers at low A last season and it worked well. Fall League, Arizona, uses a dial.

Throughout the league, the idea seems to catch on, and you can see the dial on the MLB sooner than you think.

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