Through your pet selfie, Google finds its duplication in artwork

Through your pet selfie, Google finds its duplication in artwork

Pet Portraits, a processor provided by Google, offers the opportunity to see if your pet is in the artwork.

Is your pet somewhere in the world? To find out, you need to use the Google Arts & Culture app. Available on Android And iOS, Which has been offering a good service since November 9th, which includes taking a photo with your beloved hair, feathers or scales and looking for his “twin” in the arts.

This New feature Do you remember anything? This is not surprising: in 2018, the US company engaged in similar training with the faces of its users. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself and agree to send that shot to Mountain View. She can analyze it, browse its large database and offer you a job like yours.

As always, in this type of tool that relies on statistical letters, algorithms running in the background do not always have a happy hand: sometimes, the connection of similarities is very low. In other cases on the other hand, the proximity is very firm, occasionally elusive. Sometimes you have to try your luck again, maybe with another photo, the results will be disappointing.

Looks like your pet in art

You can combine your animal mate with ancient Egyptian statues, Mexican street art, serene Chinese watercolors and more. Google excites in a blog post. According to the US company, in its database ” Tens of thousands of works by affiliate companies around the world “. So if you do not find anything it will be the devil.

To increase its chances of success, the tools Google uses will first detect the presence of the animal in the photo – in particular, thanks to several artificial intelligence techniques such as in-depth learning that make Google look at the algorithms. Millions of images of an animal will remember its characteristics in the form of data.

With this good face, you can’t believe there isn’t a work of art somewhere! // Source: Wikipedia

When this is done, the picture is carved and placed in the animal center. This is when Google finds a work of art that comes close to the object through its database. Sometimes the pose even fits, which is very noticeable. But sometimes you may think that Google Machine Learning needs a little more learning.

Initially, Google Arts & Culture was a project that appeared in 2011 to digitize some of the works of art in museums so that they could shine online and be accessible to a wider audience. This initiative has grown over time: so the company was launched Laboratory In Paris in 2013, a few dozen engineers were employed.

Beyond the fun little game of comparisons it allows, the tool can be a gateway to finding some sketches. These portraits of pets, in short, push Internet users to move to other areas of the app. And, in doing so, allow them to extend their cultural horizons. Clever.

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