PosteMobile Casa Web, home solution for the Internet is only 20.90

PosteMobile Casa Web, home solution for the Internet is only 20.90

If you are looking for cheap and quality payment for internet at home, you may notice Post Mobile and especially the new ad implemented by the same phone company of the post office.

PosteMobile, new ad
PosteMobile, New Advertising: Information and Expenses

This is an inclusive offer A Wi-Fi modem, unlimited internet connection With speeds up to 300 Mbps, and Only 20.90 euros per month. The offer is valid until 24 November Next, for another ten days, anyone who wants to sign the result should try it urgently.

Create Post Mobile
Create Post Mobile

Postimobile home web, home to internet fee is only 20.90 euros per month

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The offer is called in detail PosteMobile Casa Web And is targeted at all new private customers (and therefore not companies), and included in the already active ads, read PosteMobile Casa, Casa Facile and Casa Internet, all of which expire on January 8th. As mentioned above, the ad also has a WiFi modem provided to the customer Free loan for the full term of the contract: Once the contract is signed, the device will be delivered within 4 working days with free shipping and the opportunity to check the package via the SDA courier website. The device is equipped with two external antennas and two LAN ports, and it is self-installing, as a result it connects to the power socket and telephone connection, and the game is played: Technician is not required To fix the housing line. Once the connection is activated, turn on your smartphone and your personal computer, wait a few minutes for the new phone connection to “show up” and then access it using a password, which is usually too long, as you can see. The base of the same modem.

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Inside the PosteMobile modem You can also find a data sim It can be used by the customer’s smartphones, but it does not allow roaming, voice traffic or sending SMS: so you can browse the web and use all the various applications used online. Introducing this new tariff in conjunction with PosteMobile Publishing new financial results Updated to the third quarter of this year, so in July, August and September 2021, it was especially emphasized: “Telgo migration to Vodafone network is complete: cost reduction from the fourth quarter of 2021” We had written.

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