New type of ‘Proboscis’ dinosaur discovered by a retiree in the UK | Science

New type of 'Proboscis' dinosaur discovered by a retiree in the UK |  Science
Brighstoneus simmondsi
John Sibick / Cordicia Jeremy Lockwood

Brighstoneus simmondsi

On the White Island of England, a new species of dinosaur was discovered after a retired doctor discovered the animal’s “big” nose. Jeremy Lockwood was scouring the fossil boxes when he discovered the dinosaur piece.

The 64-year-old said he had collected the collections from the Museum of Natural History in London and the Museum of Dinosaur Island. To do Sky News
The man said that after observing the bones that had been stored since 1978, the discovery became one of his “happiest days in prison.”

“For more than 100 years, we have only seen two types of dinosaurs on the White Island – the plant-eating iguanodon Bernicardensis and the mandolicerus otherfieldensis,” said Lockwood, an environmental, geology and geology student. “I firmly believed that the subtle differences between the bones would reveal a new species, so I began to measure and photograph the anatomy of each bone.”

The work was successful and he named the breed Brightstone Simmondsi after the village of Brightstone near the excavation site. The second part of the name is a tribute to Keith Simmonds, an amateur collector who was involved in the race’s first discovery.

“I have seen the bones of dinosaurs that are said to belong to the same species, but I was amazed at how different they look,” he added.

Their discovery comes three days after researchers discovered the first species of dinosaur that lived in Greenland 214 million years ago. Two more species were reported on White Island in September.

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