Odel Beckham reunited with Les Rams

Odel Beckham reunited with Les Rams

A week after bringing in Van Miller, the Rams are getting another league superstar. After 24 hours of hesitation, Odel Beckham Jr. finally signed on to the Los Angeles franchise. Adam Schifter first posted the news a few minutes before the group made it official on Twitter. According to ESPN, the contract will be for one year, but the amount has not yet been announced.

The former Browns receiver who announced his interest in joining the Packers is finally joining the West Coast and another title contender. The Rams have stacked up the stars and are clearly aiming for one thing this season. His association with Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods is dreamy on paper.

The Browns arrived in 2019 as part of an exchange where the 29-year-old will meet his 3rd NFL squad. In 8 seasons, he caught 7,062 yards and 51 touchdowns off 504 balls. Beckham, who has been slowed down by physical disabilities for a year, must first find all the ways to fully express himself.

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