“I want to kill everyone in my way”

LeBron James sous le maillot des Lakers

While some NBA players take their basketball careers a little higher, others are determined to crush the competition. A Lakers player is perfect in this last division because he declares he wants to கலை dissolves all of his opponents!

With so many new players being attracted over the summer, it’s hard to show a proper understanding from the first games of the season. Different results of lockers at the beginning of the year (7-5) can be justified in this way. With 14 new faces added to the Angelino workforce, made up of 17 elements, automatism still logically needs to be developed.

Frank Vogel’s men also show a volatile mood so far. The coach was able to regret the lack of involvement of his players in several meetings. The match against the Heat, however, saw a clear improvement in his troops, especially in one of the signatures of the off-season: Malik Monk. The real hero of the evening, The old hornet has finally shone in its new colors.

Malik Monk, the cold killer of lockers

The author of an interesting preseason, Monk has struggled so far to show such a position in the regular season. Nonetheless, he seemed to finally find his rhythm against Miami, saving his team another miserable defeat. A direct way to steal the show at the same time from his direct rival Tyler Hero, who wrote a good performance (27 points, 11/22 shooting, 5/8 to 3 points).

While discussing any rivalry between the two young scorers, Monk expressed his brave mood with bloody comments.

He is a very good player. He scored big shots and a lot of things like that, but I like to kill anyone who comes my way.

Since he was the one who came out with the win on Wednesday, it is clear that the Kentucky product has reached its end under this. What makes Lockers Nation popular is that it should appreciate reports like this on his part. Such words are not really reminiscent of words that can pronounce the former pride of the jersey with the number 24 on it!

Malik Monk, who signed for the minimum player at the age of 23, wants to prove to everyone that he deserves more attention this summer. For that matter, there is nothing better than rolling over its direct rivals!

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