End of summer 2022 | Pinocchio by Robert Gemekis and Tom Hanks at Disney +

End of summer 2022 |  Pinocchio by Robert Gemekis and Tom Hanks at Disney +

Disney’s method of dealing with the classic Carlo Colloid story. The blockbuster, directed by Robert Gemekis and starring Tom Hanks, will be released on Disney + in the late summer of 2022.

Pierre-Mark Thurvej

Pierre-Mark Thurvej

This was revealed during a quarterly meeting with investors in the American entertainment company. According to the American press ColliderDisney’s Chief Financial Officer Christine M. McCarthy noted that the new film will launch at the end of the fourth quarter of the fiscal year and as a result will be released somewhere between July and September 2022.

Work on the live-action film began in 2015 and has undergone several script changes, passing through the hands of various directors. Finally, the project backed by screenwriter Chris Waits is Robert Gemekis, the veteran who received the mandate to bring it to port, for which we are obligated to remake it. Cinderella, In 2015.

However, actor Tom Hanks has always sought to tarnish the character of puppeteer Capeto, who only officially confirmed his participation last year.

Pinocchio’s character will be defended by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Cynthia Erivo will be the Blue Fairy, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Gimini will be the voice for cricket. Luke Evans plays the villain Coachman.

Production of the film was completed earlier this year, and we already know that it will be exclusively for distribution platform Disney +.

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