Australia: Diver pictures of “the world’s most damaged” white shark

Australia: Diver pictures of "the world's most damaged" white shark

If the pictures were taken at the beginning of the year, they are just now talking about it. A well-known place for snorkeling around the Neptune IslandsAustralia In the south to see the big white sharks, a professional underwater cinematographer Dean Sprockman had an interesting encounter that he was able to film. A White shark About three meters, covered with dozens of scars and bruises all over the right side of the body, quietly passed him.

After posting the video Web lightDean Sprockman said in the comments “No one has ever seen a big white in such a bad condition.”, Along with that “This is a beautiful shark that has survived difficult times.”. The cameraman adds that at first I thought the animal was in pain due to injuries, but it was actually too much “Quiet and gentle”.

As for the cause of these injuries, no one has an answer, but the diver has his own idea. According to him, they may be due to a large boat propeller or a large tuna blockage in which many animals, including white sharks, are known to be trapped.

Before mentioning: “However, during filming I noticed that some of his intimate passages seemed to have old, new and new scars..

According to the experts who did the interview Dailymail, Some of these bites may have been caused by other sharks during a fight, while others are located near the hunter’s mouth. Seals Trying to defend himself.

According to CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) 2018 figures, there are only 5,500 white sharks off the east coast of Australia.

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