T4660 Nereus: The largest asteroid approaching Earth, almost the size of the Eiffel Tower! | The new asteroid D4660 Nerius will orbit Earth in December

T4660 Nereus: The largest asteroid approaching Earth, almost the size of the Eiffel Tower!

The image is symbolic.

Once again an asteroid is coming towards Earth. Its size is equal to the Eiffel Tower. This giant asteroid is coming directly towards the earth. However, NASA says so far there is no reason to panic about the asteroid. This running asteroid will do no harm to mankind. This largest asteroid is known as T4660 Nereus. The asteroid is included in the US space agency NASA’s Dangerous Asteroid or PHA. According to NASA scientists, the asteroid will run very close to Earth on December 11. These asteroids are very oval in shape. However, the size of a football field is almost three times. At about 330 meters long, the asteroid is 90 percent larger than any other asteroid ever seen.

However, this asteroid will not cause panic to Earth. T4660 Nereus does no harm to mankind. Instead the asteroid will run at a distance of 3.9 million kilometers from Earth. It is known that this asteroid takes 64 days to orbit the Sun. According to NASA scientists, the asteroid is moving at a distance that does not cause any problems from Earth. The asteroid is unlikely to come close to Earth until March 2, 2031. On the other hand, the T4660 Nereus is known. No new asteroids. The asteroid was discovered in 1982 by American astronaut Eleanor F. Helin. The asteroid was later added as a member of the Apollo asteroid team. This asteroid is said to be unpopular as it orbits the sun and orbits the earth.

Like other Apollo asteroids, the asteroid Nerius is bringing it closer to Earth. The asteroid orbits at twice the speed of Earth. NASA researchers had previously planned to monitor the asteroid Nerius. But for various reasons the project did not succeed. The U.S. space agency plans to monitor the near-Earth asteroid Rendezvous-Shoemaker (Near Shoemaker) spacecraft. Japan, on the other hand, plans to send their robotic spacecraft Hayabusa back to the Nerius asteroid.

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