Unnecessarily, Amazon dropped its operating system program in the Lower-Atlantic

Logo Amazon sur un bâtiment à Palo Alto, Californie.

The Loire-Atlantique was not set up when the giant Amazon planned to build a 185,000 m2 logistics base.

Not to be missed is the city of Montfort (south of Nantes) Amazon Settle. In fact, the US company plans to build a 185,000 m2 logistics base in Montfort (44). Finally, the project was abandoned altogether.

Mobilizing associations

The reason for this change was the mobilization of associations (especially the Stop Amazon 44 partnership) referred to by the community of municipalities in Grand Lou. The opening of the 185,000-square-meter (14.5-hectare) warehouse would have created about 1,000 jobs.

The Community of Grand Liu’s Communities Explains: “Despite the project’s interest and, in particular, significant job creation, elected community representatives, over time, noticed the project’s difficulties, especially as the accumulation of technical and legal constraints greatly altered the initial schedule. At best, the logistics center could not have emerged from the ground until 2025, far from the initial plan, which was weak for all stakeholders.“.

Amazon in Solitaire?

From now on, the Amazon group looks at the Choletais (Cholet) collection, but here again, even if the head of Coletais promises to be interested in the idea, the company will face some difficulties. Only local left-wing officials are as angry as rebel French fighter Christophe Irrad: “This multinational company is a social, environmental and financial counter-example. Apparently, this is Mr. Not a problem for Le Maire de Cholet. We will oppose the implementation of this plan“.

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