“Hungarian Embassy with Bulgarian citizenship” – the first woman to become mayor of Skopje today – World

"Hungarian Embassy with Bulgarian citizenship" - the first woman to become mayor of Skopje today - World
"Hungarian ambassador with Bulgarian citizenship" - As of today, a woman is the mayor of Skopje for the first time

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Danella Arzhovska takes power in Skopje a week after her second election Macedonian Prime Minister Joran Save has called for his resignation. His election was a symbol of efforts to turn local votes into an event of national importance. This is the first time ever The ruling party deliberately led a campaign (albeit for a short time), Plays with anti-Bulgarian sentiments.

In addition to being President of the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Northern Macedonia, he was also the Honorary Ambassador of Hungary appointed by order of the previous government.

The Social Democratic Union (SDSM) announced two weeks ago that he was a Bulgarian citizen, and according to documents, he is registered in Petrich. She denies, however, that a note on the Interior Ministry’s website speaks to the validity of her and her husband’s identity card (albeit with the name Daniela instead of Danella).

Arzhovska was Skopje’s first female mayor after Macedonian independence. Before that, in 1948, the city was ruled by Vera Atzeva, but later Macedonia became part of Yugoslavia. Until now, the capital has been in the hands of the social democrat Peter Shileko.

Since 2016, Arzovska has been a representative on the National Council for European Integration in Northern Macedonia.

From the city of Skopje to national institutions

Arzovska was a legitimate independent candidate, but in practice he was supported by the VMRO-DPMNE, which hopes to come to power nationally as well.

On Friday, after the split of one of Albania’s coalition partners, its leader, Hristian Mikowski, announced that it would vote for a no – confidence majority in Joran Save’s cabinet. About 72 hours later, after Mikovsky’s another potential coalition partner withdrew, the bid was confirmed when the Little Left Party demanded that he leave the future union.

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