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Гравітаційні хвилі: скільки всього було виявлено таких сигналів - Новини технологій - Техно

Using detection tools such as LIGO, VIRGO and KAGRA, the scientists were able to record the occurrence of the aggregation of 35 new supermassive objects that caused the appearance of gravitational waves. Thus, the number of detected events causing waves has increased to 91 by the end of October 2021. The last events of links or conflicts recorded by the inventors took place in November 2019 – March 2020, and as they are now listed, the total number will soon increase.

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Gravitational waves
OzGrav-Swinburne University OzGrav-Swinburne University

Disaster events in the universe

  • Most of the newly recorded cases occurred as a result of the merger of black action pairs.
  • Two events may have occurred due to the absorption of the neutron star by the black hole.
  • One phenomenon remains a mystery – a black hole collided with an unknown object 2.8 times the mass of the Sun. This object is too large to be a neutron star, but too light to be a black hole. Maybe it’s a small black hole.

The largest pair combined to form gravitational waves is the GW200220_061928 signal. In this event, the two black holes collided with solar masses 107 and 77, respectively. As a result, a black hole about 175 times the mass of the Sun formed.

Gravitational waves also give us some idea of ​​the physical properties of the orbits that hold objects together. Thus, some black holes were found to rotate in opposite directions relative to the direction of motion in their orbit before merging.

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