Big change in step curry production this season?

NBA Steph Curry en feu face aux Clippers

Those who follow the Warriors closely, Steve Kerr closely watches the time Steff Curry plays, and he wants to save his star as much as possible. During the last match, the coach changed his habits.

Already one of the best players of the season, Step curry It starts out very strong, like the Warriors with a 7-1 record. When the defense is better, the offense turns out better. We were expecting to see a new team at Golden State this season, but maybe not at this level, certainly not so fast. There is no doubt that Steve Kerr is satisfied with his men.

It was seen again last Friday, with a 126-85 win over the Pelicans on the back. With one important change the dubs quietly carried on their game: Charcoal playing time or his timeline. For those who follow him closely, the leader has his own little habits, which are managed by Kerrol.

Is Steff Curry often ground?

12 minutes in Q1, 6 in Q2, 12 in Q3 and then the last 6 in Q4: It’s like a fancy match cook’s minutes. But against the Pelicans, his coach decided to change things. Journalists quickly noticed it and decided to question the former bull about it.

We are at a time when things need to be tried. I like him finishing the quarterfinals because he is the best at long distance shots. We want him to be. But on the other hand, we also like to adapt, especially when another team performs better on the ground. I still don’t know if this is the end.

Against New Orleans, Carrie came out in 6 minutes in the third quarter before coming in at 3:16. He finished the quarter and was then in the fourth start. Thus, Taps was able to put an end to the suspense against New Orleans, with a good win as a bonus. What does the key person think?

We are winning, so everything is fine, even though we are still at the beginning of the year. I like to play for 48 minutes. I will always be surprised when I go out.

Sorry Steff Curry, he can’t play 48 minutes per game. Steve Kerr is at least trying to make some changes depending on the team and the decision. It should already please the star.

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