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Adele had a moving night (Photo: Rex)

Adele reportedly had tears in her eyes when she returned to the stage in London last weekend to record her special concert for ITV.

Singer Hello recorded the highly anticipated audience with Adele at the London Palladium with numerous stars including Idris Elba, Dua Lipa, Samuel L. Jackson, Emma Watson, Alan Carr and Stormsey.

She was joined by her boyfriend Rich Paul, who was visiting the UK with her for the first time since they started dating earlier this year. The couple could be seen getting out of their central London area in their car and were seen with great excitement after the big night.

Adele, 33, admitted to being “very nervous” in her hometown for the first time since 2017.

He tells viewers, “I was robbed” by The Sun.

Adele is said to have regained the familiar face from her childhood when Alan gave the mic to the car so he could entertain the audience when he put on make-up again. The comedian, 45, is said to have tried to sing singer Easy On Me’s latest song, making the crowd laugh.

The singer has not performed in London for four years (Photo: Backrid)

Adele in LondonAdele looks stunning in a shiny black strapless dress (Photo: Rex Features)

An insider said in the post: “Adele was excited and fun on stage, but you can tell she feels the pressure.

“She sounded better than ever, but there were some bad starts throughout the night, be it technical issues or her nerves.

“But it’s absolutely amazing – there’s no dry eye at home.”

Alan Carr, audience with AdeleAlan Carr is said to have been the MC for his best friend on the special show (Photo: Rex Features)

Another lucky spectator said: “Adele actually came back on stage and sang these incredibly new songs.

“He sang a song called Hold On, which helped him through the most difficult times of divorce,” he said.

“Now when she heard it it made her very proud because she had come so far to feel happy again.”

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Good Morning UK presenter Kate Currave has promised that fans will see a great show when it airs later this month and wrote on Instagram: “Wow wow and wow … @ Adele, you were so excited tonight – fun, touching and that voice !! !

“All the wonderful new album # adele30 and of course the audience is very happy to hear his legendary classic songs (what viewers – will see soon on @itv). My friend @jamesdelamare_ thought it was the best night of his life – he was not alone! To be a part of it so much Thanks.

Adele will release her long-awaited fourth studio album 30 on November 19th. An Audience with Adele airs on ITV on Sunday, November 21st.

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