League of Legends became a series on Netflix

League of Legends became a series on Netflix

Twelve years after it was started (Paris) League of Legends, Riot Games enters the audiovisual world with the Netflix animated series based on its successful video game universe.

The series airs Sunday, just hours after the Worlds final, one of the world’s most-followed eSports titles. கமுக்கமான This is a new version of the primary entertainment feature of the American studio owned by Chinese Tencent.

Lasting for many years while the group’s only title and golden egg-laying duck, the multiplayer game LoL now sees its universe appearing in other media: collectible card games, roll-flaming games or mobile adaptations.

கமுக்கமான, A nine-part cartoon series (aired three times a week), produced and produced by Wright Games in association with French studio Fordich Productions, which has previously worked with it and other game publishers, and produced the animated series. Marvel Studios.

It features the champions of the LoL universe, in the context of the conflict between John, the land of the lowlands, and Bildover, the rich city of the rulers, in an era where magic and technology coexist.

The script follows two sisters who had a difficult childhood in John, but now as adults, they lead very different lives from each other.

This adaptation broadcast on Netflix once again illustrates the popularity Streaming For video games, players were inspired by the idea of ​​attracting the general public, which would increase the number of subscriptions.

This week, Netflix announced a number of mobile games for its subscribers, including two headlines from the universe of its series. Stranger things.

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