In the midst of a scandal, “LeBron of the NFL” toppled Kairi!

Aaron Rodgers, LeRbon de la NFL, a envoyé un tacle à Kyrie Irving

Like the NBA, the NFL is a regular ground for corruption. And more Moment, Its Aaron Rodgers, LeBron James of American football, he is at the center of every conversation. In a desperate attempt to get out of it, he did not hesitate to destroy Khairy Irving.

In every major American league, there is a player who stands out and has already established himself as an all-time legend. There is the NBA LeBron James, Which competes Michael Jordan For the GOAT title, and the NFL features Aaron Rodgers, many scholars naturally consider him the best player of all time. With 1 Super Bowl, 3 MVPs and a selection from the 2010 ′ team of the decade, Quarterback’s record is impressive.

But unlike King, who is beyond reproach from his early life, Aaron Rodgers finds himself at the center of a major controversy. In fact, the Packers superstar lied about his health, even though the NFL had enforced a very strict protocol to combat the need for a staff of 53 players! Since the summer, he says he has been vaccinated in his absence, putting his team, staff and everyone around the ownership at risk.

Rodgers’ masked tackle on the gallows

Following this revelation, Rodgers, who was driving at 250km / h and faced a media uproar that covered up the matter of a young star named Henry Rux who was intoxicated, attended Pat McAfee’s podcast. Trying to defend and justify himself. According to him, he was a victim of “awakening culture” and wanted to be reminded that his attitude had nothing to do with it. Kyrie Irving… The leader is not quoted directly, but the reference is clear enough.

I am not against the ax that thinks the earth is flat. I am critical. I walk to the sound of my own band. I firmly believe in the freedom to make choices for one’s physical integrity. I do not believe in awakening culture or agreeing with fanatical groups of individuals.

The first sentence in this file is enough to understand who Aaron Rodgers is comparing himself to. Unlike Kyrie Irving, who admitted a few years ago that the earth was flat, he inquired about the matter because his research had proven that other ways of fighting would be effective if he refused to be vaccinated. Against Govt. His research, as he puts it in an interview, was done with UFC podcaster and commentator Joe Rogan …

So yes, he can feel superior to the leader of the Nets in his attitude, the truth is, the latter is always clear in his purpose. Place in New York. Aaron Rodgers lied to his teammates, the league and his fans, which is not something to be proud of.

Kyrie Irving has not heard anything on the matter and has been quiet since he was suspended, but he has received a major block from Aaron Rodgers.

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