“Wild”, “Outside Africa”, “Eat, Pray, Love” … 23 Images of Escape in the Heart of Nature

"Wild", "Outside Africa", "Eat, Pray, Love" ... 23 Images of Escape in the Heart of Nature

Jean-Jacques Annaud, Bernard Bertolucci, Danny Boyle, Sydney Pollack … their images took us to the heart of the vast landscapes of our planet. Travel around the world in 23 absolutely glamorous films.

To hit the road

Ignoring society, leaving everything to find your own path and travel the great outdoors of the American continent is the fate of many heroes of road movies. Whether the journey ends badly or well, the main thing is not the destination, but the path. He traveled in space and within himself.

Show, Jean-Marc Wally (2014)
Eat and pray for love, De Ryan Murphy (2010)
Into the forest, Sean Benn (2008)
Travel diariesWalter Souls (2004)
Easy traveler, Dennis Hooper (1969)

Go on an adventure

From the meadows of Mongolia to the Amazon rainforest, through the virgin regions of Siberia to the heavenly shores of Thailand, cinema is the best way to explore the other side of the world through fiction or life stories.

Work, By Paul Greencross (2021)
A great world
, Fabienne Berthaud (2019)
In the forests of Siberia, Safy Nebbou (2016)
The last engineer, Nicholas Vannier (2004)
Two brothers, Jean-Jack Annot (2004)
Lost Z city, James Gray (2017)
Beach, Danny Boyle (2000)
Seven years in Tibet, Jean-Jack Annot (1997)
And in the middle a river flows, Robert Redford (1993)
Gorillas in the fog, De Michael Abbott (1989)
Big blue, Luke Besson (1988)
Dancing with wolves, De Kevin Costner, Kevin Reynolds (1991)

You have to give up everything for love

Travel for miles and get out of your comfort zone to find your loved one, which is a selection of romantic characters. Whether the film is dramatic or comedic, the quest for love transforms the journey into finding oneself and another.

Antonette in Sevens, Caroline Signal (2020)
On Board Darjeeling Limited, Wes Anderson (2008)
Until the end of the world, The Wim Vendors (1991)
A tea in the Sahara, Bernardo Bertolucci (1990)
Outside Africa, De Sidney Pollack (1986)

Do not touch the ground anymore

If Earth is not enough for you, you can always make the journey to the stars by undertaking Saga. Star Wars.

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