The media is misrepresenting the Pelosi and Biden infrastructure

The media is misrepresenting the Pelosi and Biden infrastructure

Corporate media and experts have said in many cases the infrastructure is dead, but Pelosi and Biden have proven otherwise.

Here is a sample of the headlines that suggested that the Infrastructure Bill was destroyed:

The headlines, “Democrats are in disarray,” lasted for months. The corporate media has repeatedly told the American people that Democrats will never do this.

Political USA and I have been telling readers for months that the infrastructure is over. The process can be complicated, but at the end of the day it will pass.

The mainstream media is largely made up of people with no political expertise

How often do the media make mistakes?

There are a few reasons.

First, most people who cover politics in the mainstream media are not experts in government or politics. Most of them are not graduates of political science. They never worked for the government. Expert class is different, but they often pay to provide feedback and generate discussion. As long as the corporate media gets paid for the proverbial breath, pundits don’t care if it’s right or wrong.

The equivalent problem in size and scope is that, like the Republicans, the oxygen of the corporate media is divisive and controversial. Covering the slow and steady march for assembly victory makes them bored, so they find angles to play the play.

In terms of infrastructure, the play never matched the reality that Democrats largely supported elements of the bill. Even the six Lok Sabha Democrats who voted against the infrastructure bill support it. They did not accept the structure and timing of the vote.

The media ignored this fact and did not act.

The audience and readers are excellent. They are qualified to listen to those who are educated or have experience in the field. (Full expression: I have a background in political science and advanced education in politics and government.)

Some entertainment journalists in the mainstream media are more interested in drama and controversy than real politics, and may paint a distorted picture for the audience and readers as they descend into that rabbit hole.

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Pitan and Pelosi knew what they were doing

President Biden and President Pelosi faced a chorus of opposition in the media claiming that the infrastructure of the American people would pass.

The Speaker and the Speaker are right. They know what they are doing. Speaker Pelosi is expected to go down in history as one of the Speakers of all time. President Biden is on track for a historic presidency.

Will be better built again.

Pitton and Pelosi do what the media says is impossible, and the American people must celebrate their victory.

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