The former player shoots the lockers and calls for a big deal

La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, donne ses consignes à son coéquipier, le meneur Russell Westbrook, lors de l'Opening Night 2021, face aux Golden State Warriors

With the difficulty at the start of the season, the Lakers will have to manage some injuries within the roster. Do we need to prepare something in the coming months? Yes, for this former player, he fears that the future will be worse if nothing is done.

Despite some success in recent days, the Lakers are far from promising. We know this list will take time to use to its full potential, but some believe the title will not be at the end. For now, in between adaptations Russell Westbrook And injuries, it’s hard to draw Frank Vogel’s true balance sheet about men.

It will take time again to allow you to judge and wonder if the summer moves are right. Some don’t particularly want to wait, and are already imagining massacres in the coming months for the Angelinos. The only solution? A trade.

Failed at Westbrook Lakers?

CBS Sports correspondent Bill Ryder went on to interview many about the launch of the Lockers campaign. A former player talked about everything and can say that he is not very excited about the future. He fears the worst to the extent of asking a quick trade to change course.

It’s hard, because in my experience when you put LeBron with some good players, it works, even if it’s not surprising. I am also an avid fan of Racine and what he brings will help the team win. But not so in the case of lockers. When you have a player like Westbrook they don’t play the way they should. Thus, I care a lot about them.

20 games is a good time to determine a team, but I already see signs of attack and especially defensiveness. No one is afraid of lockers, which is a problem for LeBron. He’s as good as ever, but he can’t be in 98 games. Not anymore. AD It may be the best number 2 in history, but there is no setback that makes the title a dream come true. Then I love Russ, but it doesn’t work. They need a big move.

Very hard observation about the Lockers list, but probably very soon. It will take more time to see how Westbrook fits in, and how Vogue adjusts his qualities. One thing seems to be coming back anyway: the leader is probably the key to success.

A trade with lockers? Although Angelino has not played in 10 games so far this new season, some have already begun to ask former players about it. There are suspicions, so it is up to LeBron James’ gang to clear them quickly.

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