Two pictures of the Squid Game director are available on Netflix

Hwang Dang-hyuk sur le tournage de Squid Game

The tremendous success of Squid game It has featured many South Korean products such as the series around the world my name. So, without saying anything, two pictures of the director Squid game Appeared on the streaming platform. Zoom in on these new features.

Discover these two pictures of Hwang Dong-hyuk after the squid game

Do we still need to introduce you? Squid game ? Available on Netflix from September 17, 2021, it’s amazing to school again. Box around the world has convinced many by the South Korean series Hwang Dong-hyuk.

In view of the passion on Squid game, Netflix caught fire. Thus two films of the same director without noise have joined the French catalog on the streaming platform. This Silenced And Miss Grandma. Two rooms, two atmospheres …


Released in 2011, Silenced A play inspired by a novel, that is, inspired by real events. We follow the teacher who played Kong Yu (recruiter) Squid game) Newly hired at a school to teach deaf students. When he learns that some people are being abused by other teachers, he will do everything to reveal the truth.

Written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, this strong film really made a difference in South Korea. In fact, following its publication, some laws have been amended to better protect the rights of the most vulnerable. It’s thrilling to watch the trailer. Aren’t you

Miss Grandma

Released in 2014, Miss Grandma A joke. So we’re in a much lighter film than Hwang Dong-hyuk’s previous work. In short, we meet an old lady who will soon be placed in a nursing home. If she takes the air to clear her mind, she is photographed inside a photo studio. By magic, she regained her look of her twenties, as if she had left the studio. And we can say that his life will change drastically.

In 2017, the South Korean director and screenwriter presented his film Fort, A historical film set during the Second Manchu Invasion of Korea in 1636. Yes, it has nothing to do with his other achievements, we offer you. If this movie had joined Netflix’s US list, we would not have it yet. See if interested FortTo view the US list, you can now find the best VPN deals.

We can only admire the director’s versatility. Enter the breathtaking thriller Squid game, Such as heart-breaking drama Silenced, Sweet humor Miss Grandma, And a historical film Fort, Hwang Dong-hyuk shows that he knows how to excel in different records.

So, for those who love Squid game, Netflix invites them to discover Silenced And Miss Grandma, Two serious opposite works by the same director. Pictures worth seeing, albeit weird. Each of the latter in particular was appreciated during their respective trips to South Korea. Do you like it?


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