Biden’s ‘Built Back Better World’ responds to China’s ‘Belt and Road’ initiative

Biden's 'Built Back Better World' responds to China's 'Belt and Road' initiative

In the run-up to the so-called COP Twenty-six UN Climate Conference, US President Joe Biden outlined his vision for a green and cooperative global infrastructure initiative that would create a “sustainable path to zero emissions by 2050”. The project could be an alternative to China‚Äôs big belt and road initiative.

Speaking at a roundtable meeting in Glasgow, Scotland, Biden said the Built Back Better Initiative, the Great Britain Clean Green Initiative, the Global Gateway and Clean Green Initiatives are all part of the G7 partners’ joint effort to provide high quality and sustainable infrastructure.

He and the leaders of more than 100 other countries have signed climate agreements to help keep global temperatures below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

President Biden unveiled his built-back Better World or BTW plan at the G7 summit last June. The goal was to create a ‘valuable, high-quality and transparent infrastructure partnership’ to fund projects in developing countries.

This is a clear alternative to Beijing’s multi – trillion dollar belt and road initiative. International development projects funded infrastructure projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America and entered Europe.
Source: Voice of America

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